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Hi Jen-    While surfing I ran across your wonderful Fontaine Ferry site.  Can't believe I have not seen it before since I have been a collector of FFP memorabilia for a long time.

   I am a native Louisvillian born in 1949 so I have spent many great summers at the park.  My wife and I went on dates there and my parents took me there and told great stories of the place.  I even have a post card sent to my father during WW II with the statement on the back "bought this card at Fontaine Ferry".  I'm glad he saved it.

   My memories are not unlike most other folks.  Most of all I recall the sounds and smells and the impossible to duplicate atmosphere that only comes with age.  The pea gravel on the ground, tree trunks painted white, everything made of wood with a million coats of paint and the sounds of the shooting gallery, merry-go-round, and splashing in the pool all combined to create a wonderful experience for a child of the 50's.  I could only see and hear the Comet since I was not allowed to ride it!  I recall the "Tunnel of Love" being removed and replaced by the Turnpike. As a boy of 10 I was in Heaven!  I had the feeling of going back in time when there.  Sort of strange to think back now that my parents went there as small children, went there on dates and got married and I follow in that same process.  No wonder FFP has generated so many memories in local folks.

   I have lots of tokens, ride tickets, pennants, event flyers, posters, post cards, an employee badge, cafeteria flatware marked "FFP", hats, and even a scorecard from the "Fontaine Ferry Miniature Golf Links" from around 1935.   have two favorite one-of-a-kind pieces: My mother gave me a pair of roller skates she won at the FFP Roller Rink in the 1930's and the carrying case is marked as such with FFP Roller Rink stickers.  Also I have the very large lighted Harp that hung in the lattice work of the main entrance off the parkway.  You can see it as well as many of my other collectibles near the end of the Tim Young Fontaine Ferry video.  Most of my stuff was on display at the Kentucky Kingdom Fontaine Ferry Museum many years ago.  The museum was only there a couple of seasons and then closed prior to the park changing ownership.

   Well...I have written much more than intended, but that happens when I get on the FFP soapbox!  If you would like some digital images of some of this stuff for your site I will be happy to send them.  Thanks for helping to keep the memory alive.

Hello there.  I have a small piece of information regarding Fontaine Ferry Park that has aroused my curiosity and was wondering if you might have any information, or could point me to someone who could help.

In my "fixer-upper" house, I have found a ticket for a picnic - dated June 11, 1927.  The following is a detail of what it says on the ticket:

Having secured beautiful Fontaine Ferry Park for an all-day basket picnic; The L. & N. Veterans' Club cordially invites you, your family, and friends as its guests for the occasion.  Bring your picnic basket and spend the day. This ticket will admit you to the park.  However a separate ticket will be required for each person.

The story on this is kind of funny.  The house we bought came with an old standup piano, that I have been in the process of dismantling, to recycle some of the parts for our fireplace mantel.  The piano was essentially too big too move, so the previous owner left it for us.  It could have been repaired, but we actually had 2 other piano's and needed to get this one out of the house.  I researched the piano's history and found that it was not a valuable one, so I decided to recycle it.  It does have some interesting features that will fit almost exactly the size of the mantel that I am building.

This past Saturday, I finally got enough of the piano dismantled to be able to move it around.  I turned it upside down to remove some of the parts.  I saw something fall down out of the piano: a brownish piece of paper and another smaller piece of brown paper.  It was the ticket I mentioned to you. I suspected that it could be something "historical" and scooped it up with a piece of more stout paper.  This evening I have spent some time researching the park, since I had never heard of it.  I was 7, I guess, when it closed. I found your site via the google search engine.  It is quite interesting that this park existed for a number of years, had some challenging times, and eventually changed its name and face, etc.  Looks like some people have some great memories of the park.

If you have come across anyone or anything that would connect me to information about the L. & N. Veterans' Club, I would appreciate your help.  I will further researching it, and will pass along anything that looks relevant to your site.  Feel free to post any of my message on your site.  I will try to email you a picture of the ticket when I get it scanned.

I noticed in your history section that the carousel was sold to Six Flags Great America.  I was there last year and was wondering if it is the double decker they have called the Columbia Carousel?  I am 46 and remember Fountaine Ferry (especially the Turnpike, I kept running into the curbs and getting the car stuck) but I seem to remember the carousel as being only one level.  Am I confused?  It has been over 30 years so I may well be.

I also saw where Knoebels bought the Paratrooper.  I will be there this summer and if it is still there will e-mail you a picture of it.  I have fond memories of that ride.

I mentioned your web site to my brother and he told me of the time he lost a zippo lighter and $20 on the Comet.  That was when he only made $40 a week.

I was looking at the amusement section and saw your message.  I remember my mother having several of those figurines before being destroyed in a house fire.  We used to go to the park quite often, when we were at home, dad was a forman and superintendent of a major construction company so we moved around the country a lot, always returning to our home in Louisville.  I hope this will help you.