The remains of the Comet were hard to find. I had to do some serious digging in the woods around the park.

Upon first glance I noticed a couple of small concrete footers.

As I got closer there was a broken fan unit.  I have no idea if it had anything to do with the park but it was pretty old.

There were several areas with small bricked squares like this.

I found many pieces of lumber from the Comet, most of which appeared to be growing into the ground.

After continuing my search I discovered that there were many of these concrete footers remaining on the site.

I found several places where there were remains of rebar that held some broken concrete together.

Notice the rounded metal.  There were several bolts attaching the metal to the wood.

Another section of this metal.  It too was stuck in the ground.

If you look closely in this picture, there are two metal panels.  One is laying at a 45 degree angle, the other is laying flat just to the left of it.  They appear to be doors off of something.

Another section of the coaster.  The bolts may be heavily rusted, but they are still very much in tact and holding pieces of wood together.

Here is another section of the coaster showing these bolts.

Here are the biggest footers to the coaster.  I would assume that these were used for the lift hill.

Another concrete footer and more rebar.

These footers were along the River Walk.  I believe they were also part of the Comet.