Transportation to Fontaine Ferry

Photo courtesy of U of L Libraries

Photo courtesy of Dave's Electric Railroads

The trolley lines were extended to the Fontaine Ferry resort area in 1895. The Louisville Railway Co. operated the lines for the entire time Fontaine Ferry Park was open.  In the 1940s, the president of The Louisville Railway Co., Mr. Hauser, called Jack Singheiser, Fontaine Ferry's president and requested payment for electric usage from the past 40 years.  He asked Mr. Singheiser for $186,444.50. Evidently, Mr Singheiser thought the request was a joke.  Mr. Singheiser asked if he realised that Fontaine Ferry Park had been using current during that time.  The response was no.

The Idlewild made trips between Fontaine Ferry Park and Rose Island.

In 1947, the Idlewild was sold and her name was changed to the Avalon the following year.
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